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Help! Painted home exterior too light!

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We had our house painted this past weekend and found out that the paint we chose for the exterior was 1-2 shades too light. It doesn't look good. Any advise on a wash or something we could do to darken the color without having to repaint the whole house? We are already planning on painting the white trim a shade of brown. Help please! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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If you find a way to darken paint already on the house without having to repaint it, you let me know. :)

Just kidding.
Grab your coffee and go sit out in a chair, facing away from the house, Enjoy the moment, your house is painted, now onto the next project. :thumbup:
Translucent paint?

Anything like a semi-translucent paint to paint over the existing paint to make the color seem darker but the existing color can show through?

if not, I'll have to take Dude's advice. Thanks!!!
Wait 4-5 years & when it starts to peel paint it again the color you want :thumbsup:
didn't you notice that the paint color was bad after your first side?
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