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Help on wiring and circuit breakers

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So I'm working on wiring my garage in and wanted everyone's input on the "best" way to do the wiring. This room is going to be used mainly as a theater/media room, keep this in mind when providing input, thanks!

So I've attached a jpg of what the room looks like and some dimensions.
Grey - Circuit Breaker
Yellow - Lamps 1&2 wired together on a dimmer
Lamps 3&4 wired together on a dimmer
Lamps 5&6 wired together on a dimmer
Also want 3,4,5,6 to be able to turn on all at once with a switch aside from the dimmer.
Light Purple - Media Center (Computer, Dvd, Stereo)
Blue - Tv Setup
Light Blue - Mini Fridge
I will have a drop down projector in the ceiling, a drop down screen over the tv, and a ceiling fan.

Please provide any and all wiring tips. Including breaker size and appliance separation.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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