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Help on a Concrete Floor issue

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This square void in my concrete was found when I pulled up the carpet. It's about a 20 inch square. When I remove the wooden door/cover there is just a void to the ground beneath the concrete floor. There is no drain or piping beneath it. The wall here is concrete block and the other side is a concrete patio (photo 2).
Any ideas why this void was left? Would like to fill it and level it off before I install new carpet but it must have been left there for a reason.


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How deep is it? Does that wall face the street? Did you actually dig around in the soil to see if anything was there?

Might have been a sump. What do you know of the history of the structure? Looks like a renovated garage maybe.
Thunder Chicken:
It's about a foot to the dirt beneath. There is nothing in there. I expected drainage tile of some sort but there's nothing in there. And I live in the country so the patio faces a lake.

Never considered a floor safe but it wouldn't be well-hidden. It's in the middle of the wall of the main living room.

Thanks for the replies.
For a fireplace?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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