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First I want to say this is my first topic here on this forum so please excuse me if this has all ready been posted or I'm asking a silly question. I can normally figure things out pretty quick but this one has this chick stumped!

HELP! I'm trying to hook up a new ceiling fan switch that has the fan and light dimmer on one switch. The ceiling fan is wired to a wall switch. Coming out of the wall switch box there are three sets of wired (we will call them A B & C).

All three grounds are connected with a little bracket thingy
Black A is not connected to anything
Black B & C are connected to an unconnected black (essentially taking Black B&C and making 1 out).
White A B C are all connected

In the ceiling fan:
Black to fan
White to light

New switch has the following:
Black - hot
Blue - fan
Red - light
Green - ground

After my first attempt failed I thought I better stop and ask for help before I start a fire! Thanks for any help!

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I'm guessing you don't have two switch legs up to the fan. You have power in, power out, and the switched cable up to the fan. You need to run another wire from the switch box to the fan box.
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