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I'm new here but since no one has answered your question I'll give it a shot. I have prior experience with neigbors trying to seal pine well enough to use outdoors. That's here in No. Texas which has all kinds of weather. The big problem is moisture and the construction of interior furniture. You cannot seal the joints to keep out moisture. They just are not joined or thick enough for outdoor use. The joints will rot from interior moisture. The wood will curl (we won't even talk above veneers) because it's too thin. Probably the same for maple.

The article was probably thinking (if thinking at all) about using on a covered protected patio. That might work for years. But, out in the sun and rain, I'd give your project one to two years and then to the curb.

Best of luck with your project, whatever you decide.

40 years of keeping the neigbors in line on DIY projects. :)
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