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Help me ID this outlet...

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I've got a strange looking outlet on my sun porch that powers an old electric space heater. My house was built in 1960 and the heater is likely original to the house.


Does homedepot sell an adapter of some sort for this kind of outlet? Everyone works fine now except I can't plug anything else into this particular outlet.

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Thanks! Is there an adapter that I can get from say Home Depot that would allow me to plugin regular things? I mainly want to plugin one of those "kill a watt meters" to see how much power my space heater is using.
Ok thanks all.

Follow up question. Since I cant use my Kill a watt meter, is there a way to tell how many watts the heater uses by looking at the numbers on the unit (assuming max heat setting)? see below

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ok and what is the 3050 number?
yea i pay aboutt 17 cents per kw so this thing would cost about 60 cents per hour to run on high. sheesh.
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