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Help me choose a Kitchen Backsplash adhesive...

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Hey Guys,
I went to Lowes to buy some adhesive for my 6 x 6 ceramic tiles I am installing on my kitchen backsplash over drywall. I already have decided to use "mastic" instead of thinset because it's drywall.
Anyway, I didn't see any "Mastic" but I saw "Tec Stick N stay" and "Henry 430 Premium Commercial Tile VCT Adhesive". Which one should I use, if any?
Again, it's a Kitchen backsplash with 6 x 6 ceramic tiles.
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i used mastic for my last back splash. it was great, no issues and easy to use.
Neither. Use thinset. Ron
Why? From what I have read for my application of small tile over drywall then thinset wouldn't be the best because of rigidity, adhesion, etc.. I agree that it's normally what to use but.....

Anyway, back to my question, are these products "mastic" and will they work?
I don't know much about that Tec product, I don't like the idea of using a multi purpose for ceramic wall tiles. VCT and ceramic?? I don't get it. The Henry 430 is absolutely the wrong stuff, it won't work at all.

Since you forgot to enter your location in your profile, I don't know what adhesives your local Lowes carries.

I agree that using mastic for a kitchen backsplash when installing 6x6 soft bisque ceramic is a good choice over thinset, mainly cuz you're gonna swear much less.

I got it resolved now. I simply purchased the wrong stuff. I went to my local hardware store and bought Henry's Ceramic tile adhesive or "Mastic". Thanks again guys :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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