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I have a Carrier 2 stage with humidity control Heat pump,the thermostat is TSTATCCPRH01-B thermostat which has the following is wired.
0/w2 - Orange wire
y1/w2 - Black wire
R - Red wire
G - Green wire
y/y2 - Yellow wire
w/w1 - White wire

Humid stat
C - Blue wire
dhum - Brown wire
S1 - green wire
S2 - brown wire

The honeywell is the Prestige Hd Thermostat Kit Ythx9321r5012

How do I wire for the for the Honey well .
The manual has the following

3h/2c Heat pump.
c - common
O/B change over valve
aux auxiliary Heat
y compressor contractor stage 1
y2 compressor stage 2
g fan relay
L Relay

any special setting that need to be set up in the stat
Thanks for your help.
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