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I have a burned out controller. The two switching transistors are fried. I'm having trouble id'ing the controller board. I can make out the last 4 numbers, ....4910, and there is possibly a 78 for the first two numbers of the model number. In the Date area there is a C93. So this box is probably 15-20 years old.

The inside, see pic, contains a cap with 105-126 MFD for 230VAC. It's 2"x4". There is a circuit board with two Transistors that are burned out. A micro-relay that has 1 HP 230V capacity and a number on it 152138904. Also stamped on the side of the micro-relay is the number "5B93". Does 1 HP 230 volt on the top of the micro-relay mean it's controlling a 1 HP motor?

It controls a 3 wire pump motor with Red, Yellow, B wires. See pic. The inside looks just like the diagram on a previous Franklin thread.

I haven't looked at the pressure switch yet or ohmed the motor leads. I need to bring back my meter from home. I live in this cabin during the week for the new job I have. Not sure of the history on the pump either.

I don't know what blew the controller. There was no lightning anywhere near between the time I used it last and my attempt to run some water for cooking. Possibly a bug crawled in and shorted something. It's exposed to the elements and Florida has some serious bugs. :)

So what controller should I get to replace this one. Or can I actually get the little controller board with the micro-relay and transistors? The board is approximately 1"x2". I can clean up the box.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Wade in NW Florida, currently near Tallahassee.
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