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Help identifying my basement "rough in" plumbing

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Hi, I am looking to finish my basement and I am having trouble wrapping my head around the piping (and options) I have in the basement for a bathroom. I am including several pics because my explanations of what I think I see may only confuse the issue. I have labeled the things as I understand them to be...if I am incorrect...sorry. I just want to have a solid idea of what I have so when I talk with a plumber in my area I will at least be knowledgeable enough to know when he is telling me something that is not correct(options wise). Thanks for any and all help.
** Also, just fyi, my basement drains are below my "main" home drain...see pics.

Actual door is just off pic to the right/door in center of pic will be removed(framed in)

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Your almost done.
That pit is for a sewer pump. Those pipes you call a trap are actually the sewage pump ejection line connected to the pump vent- the one you are holding is the pump line to the future pump. The vent should be tied in on or above the first floor as you suggested. The sewage pump needs a 2" vent, so those two pipes will run independently to the pump basin(once the 90's are cut off). Not sure why the plumber has them looped together.
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Hey E...thanks for the input. Could you give me some guidance on the actual bath area piping and layout? Is the pvc in the center of the floor an actual drain for a tub/shower? Are the pipes(2") against the concrete wall for a sink area? Vent for the toilet? Just trying to shore up what little knowledge I have on the matter. Thanks again. :thumbsup:
The pipes at the concrete are a toilet vent- behind the toilet stub and a rough in for a lav. The toilet stub itself needs to be 12" from its center to the face of your finished wall. This tells you where to put your wall furring.
The pipe in the middle seems to be for a tub or shower. Usually, we put a box in the floor where the trap goes for the proposed fixture- don't see one in your pictures tho.
Does that mean that I will have to break up the floor around the "center pipe" to determine if there is or is not a trap in the floor already? Obviously...every erroneous step/work I can avoid is money/time in my pocket. Thanks again for your time...greatly appreciated! :)
I would start by getting a hammer out a tapping the floor- listening for hollow sounds- much like tapping a wall to find a stud.
Some times the box is set slightly low(below top of concrete) either by accident or not knowing exact floor elevation. Sometimes its just not put in. :mad:
A tub trap would be almost next to the pipe, a shower trap about 18" away(36x36 shower) Good luck
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dean2dana said:
Thanks again for all your input...really appreciated. :)
Not a problem. Ya know, the hard work is done- consider doing the balance yourself.

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