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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a late 1960s brick home in the central Ohio area.

I've pulled up the carpet and carpet pad, and found a strange looking 'underlayment' beneath.

Can anyone please help me ID what this is? Does this pose any health concerns (perhaps contains asbestos)? I've attempted to scrape it off but as you can see, the high traffic areas in the home are completely compressed and very difficult to remove. I've attached a couple of images, one with the underlayment inside a low traffic area (a closet), and one in the middle of a bedroom. I've also included a few close up images.

I'm trying to get the subfloors cleaned up so I can put down a floating vinyl floor. I'm worried this underlayment may cause issues with floor quality, even if I add a thick underlayment.

Any advice on removal would be greatly appreciated. So far, the only thing that seems to work is a chisel and elbow grease.




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