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Help how would you pay someone.

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My electrical panel has no electrical panel directory. The house used to
belong to my mother & father. And my father did all the wiring inside the
house. Its a big old farm, many room, etc.

I called an electrician, and was told, estimate around $520.00
He told me, he and a helper radio, could talk one day, plus the
time spent writing up the panel directory, which would be made
up from their notes, inspection every light switch & outlet location.

I can't do this myself. Does price seen way to high.

Your thoughts. Thanks for all who reply to this thread.
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why cant u do this yourself. it is very easy for able bodied DIYers. But I think thats a little steep.
It is not hard to do. The price does seem steep.
How many circuits in the panel?
How far does the electrician have to travel to get to your house? It seems maybe a little pricey, but not out of line. It could take a while to do every outlet and switch in the house.
That job is a good DIY project----There is no reason to hire that out---Is there?
First of all, it's a relatively simple thing to do. You will need a few things though, but I am sure you and a helper could do it very cheaply with a $20 pair of walkie talkies and some ingenuity.
Before we had electronic testers and walkie talkies -
we used plug-in radios (on loud) and a canned, compressed-air, air-horn
to signal (long way from the 2nd floor to the basement/garage).
Time consuming: but, it worked.
With the price of walkie talkies now - definitely, a "DIY" job.

i tried this with the walkie-talkie by myself and it was difficult, i think an extra person would help out alot next time.
Yes, "mustangmike3789" -I did this on a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, full basement
house - many hours.
It would have been much easier with an assistant!

I feel your pain!
Remember - "it's not a job - it's an adventure!'

We used adapters (still a time consuming pain!).
Still, lots of fun! (Oh Boy!).


I just, always wonder - why didn't they mark the panel off, in the first place!
Someone ran everything - they knew what was running where - isn't that the time to mark things!?!

my guys used to tag every home run at panel with info
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Tag (label everything!?!)
Too much to ask for!

this is def a DIY job i agree, as for the price, it really isn't that bad, 2 guys for 8hrs, that's 65 bucks an hour, I don't know about where you live but where i'm from we bill out at 65 an hour and 100 for 2 guys. to me that price seems reasonable, but you shouldn't need to pay this, this is an easy job your and a couple freinds!
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