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Help! Discontinued Barn Roof Skylights

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Hi all,
I have a large barn with a corrugated metal roof that has fiberglass(?) panel skylights which slide into spaces between the roof panels. The skylight panels are long and skinny (7.5 inches wide) and they are made to fit the edges of that particular roof (see photo). The problem is, the skylight panels are old and starting to shatter and the roof has been discontinued and no one around knows how to get replacement skylight panels. I did find one company that would custom make them, but their minimum run was 8000 s.f. at $2/s.f. Yikes!

So I thought I would see if anyone here had any brilliant ideas!

Thanks for any help


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I had an auto detail shop that I replaced the light panels on.I searched everywhere for those panels.They were weathered really bad and were leaking on the customers clients automobiles.

I finally found them at a farm and supply store.No one in my area in the metal roofing supply new where to find them.I drove right across the street from my metal roofing supplier and found them.
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