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Help Determining Age and Tonnage of AC

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Have old GE unit likely original to the home. House was built in 1978. I am trying to determine the age and tonnage of this system. The current coding conventions that I can find online do not apply to this system. Perhaps someone who has access to Preston Guide or a significant amount of experience can chime in.

Model # BTB936A100B2
S/N 250542922 (thinking this is 22nd week of 1979 but maybe not)

Any help would be appreciated.
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its a 3 ton unit
Yep, and built like a tank. They don't make new A/Cs as reliable as them anymore.
Actually they do, it is all about maintaining them. There are some out there that are over 40 years old still going strong.

Most of those GE's that I see(yep still fromthe 70's), have only ever been looked at when they stopped working(bad contactor, relay, etc) no annual maintanence. they just last. And you won't find a new residential that will last like that with maintainence.

Those GE's were built when things were made to last. Today, things are made with planned obsolescence in mind.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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