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The previous owners of our house left behind LED ribbon lights on the roof deck, but no power supply or RGB controller.

I'm looking through ebay, but having a hard time determining what power supply and RGB controller I should be getting. Would prefer something plug and play versus having to take the existing 4 pin connector off. Also unsure of what specs (amperage) the power supply needs to be.

Same with the RGB controller, trying to find one that accepts a 4 pin plug versus just the 4 individual wires.

Not looking to spend a lot, so hoping to complete the kit with parts from ebay or aliexpress.

Including pics of the existing LED ribbon lights and connectors. Appreciate the help.


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What power supply you use depends on which controller you use.
As all led strips run off simulair voltage mostly 12v.
What varies is the current capacity.
which depends on the length of the string.
usually 1 to 2 amps at 12v is about adequate
unless you have lots of them.

finding the matching plug
will be the hard part.

but it you don't ask you don't get !
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