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HElp: can I install an oven and microwave in this location?

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Hi everyone

Can I install an oven below and a microwave above? If yes, what is the most cost effective way to do this? I am a COMPLETE NOVICE when it comes to home improvement so any and all help/insight is greatly appreciated!

Notes: there is a gas hookup under the stovetop in the back of the cabinet space. There is also an outlet right next to it. The vent above leads outside

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Most ranges (stoves) are 30", but there are 36" units available. Just nowhere near as many. Are you planning on putting in new countertops? There is a good chance that you aren't gong to be able to remove that tile to a nice, straight edge. In addition to gas, you will also need an electric outlet to plug the new range into, which you have. The microwave will probably use a normal plug, so if your exhaust fan is hard-wired, you may need to install an outlet. Most of the time an outlet is installed in the cabinet above the microwave, with a hole in the bottom of the cabinet.

The hardest part is going to be that base cabinet. If it was one single unit, like is common for sink bases, you're pretty-much sunk without replacing or rebuilding that cabinet. If it is 2 separate "skinny" cabinets on either side of the main part, just remove that center one and you're on your way. They look to be a pretty-standard oak cabinet, so if you have to replace that whole cabinet unit with 2 skinny cabinets, it shouldn't be too hard to find.
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