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Help---(bath tub)

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We have a bathroom that is between the kitchen wall of cabniets and the outside walls and the bathroom is 5' wide and 8 feet long how do I get a new tub in and how do I get the old one out. please some one help it is a tight sqeeze.
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What's the old tub made of?
How wide is the door opening?
After you remove some drywall the tub will tilt the hole using the open stud bay----tubs are usually 14 to 17 inched tall and will go through and common door opening.

Most tubs can be remove whole after the drain and overflow have been removed---

Some times cracking a cast iron tub with a sledge hammer is the easiest way----
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the old tub is cast iron and the door opening is 24 in but we can make is 30in and this is the tub we bought but i think we nee to get a simplier one
That is 25 inches deep---that should be able to wiggle into the room through the 24 inch door---

door framing is 26 inches---removing the door frame might be needed, but I doubt it---
I hate busting up a cast iron tub with a sledge hammer. Be sure to wear ear plugs.
Is sometimes the best way to remove the old tub.l
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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