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HELP A DUMMY PLEASE-3way from switch leg

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My garage light has one set of wires coming from the light. I have read this is called a switch leg. The switch is located in the garage outside of the door. I want to add a switch just inside the door so that my wife can turn on the light without opening the door (security wise). Can I turn this switch leg into a 3way where both switches work this light or do I have to just wire inside and leave outside dead. If so how do I wire it? Thanks.
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You should verify how the current switch is connected into the circuit. If power is fed to the light then you would have a switch loop. The box were the light is mounted would have two cables connected and the switch would only have one cable. If this is how it is wired then all you would have to do is fish a piece of 14-3 (if it's a 15 amp circuit) through the wall from the old switch box to the new switch box and wire up two three way switches.
So this is a start...
This was continued in another thread. Replies not needed.
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