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Ok, so we got screwed and rented an old house that is falling apart. The LL is refusing to do anything about the fact that we are dehumidifying about 2 gallons every night out of the bedroom, which is an addition. The walls and ceiling are wooden, I believe (HOPE) that it is finished cedar and the studs are exposed. This part of the house also has a flat roof and no insulation.
We live in Central Florida, where it gets unbearably hot and have a window unit air conditioner that is currently running 24 hours a day, due to the humidity increase and the temp. We unfortunately have to cut corners and cost as much as possible, but need to do something or we're going to lose our clothing and other items in that room.
Please, any information and suggestions would be wonderful.
Florida does not have a mold law, and there is no city or county code referring to air conditioning or humidity within a home, the house was built in '54, but the addition could be 5-30 years old, for all I know. We have weather stripped the casement windows and both doors to the point of barely closing and locking and have had to put every penny of our savings into this house we're renting, just to make living in it bearable, so the cheaper and easier, but more energy efficient the suggestion, the better. I know we need to insulate the ceiling, but with what? What R-factor do you recommend? With the humidity level, do I need to do any special preparation? Is there a necessity to add a drop ceiling after insulation? I'm losing my mind and sweating in my sleep and looking at a HEFTY power bill come meter reading day, that I obviously can't afford.
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