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I am so happy to have found this community! I am a stay at home mom from Pittsburgh, PA with three children, homeschooling too. So time and funds are limited but I am willing to invest more of the former to save some of the latter if I feel comfortable with the work. I'm moderately handy in other respects- used to teach music and was quite comfortable disassembling instruments to make minor repairs. My husband is quite intelligent but has no desire to learn DIY stuff, but I really enjoy learning how to do hands on things so it all works out. If I need help with heavy lifting he cheerfully lends a hand. I have a few DIY books but nothing quite replaces conversation in figuring these tasks out!

My husband and I bought our 1950s house from his mother last summer and a LOT of work was neglected, some areas for decades! She hasn't moved all her things out so right now I'm working on the main floor, which mostly needs cosmetic work. Fortunately the one thing she did do was get the kitchen remodeled so we don't have to worry about that for a while.

Looking forward to reading and learning lots on here!
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