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I've gotten alot of good information from this forum and decided it was time to join. I never did much construction before I bought a house, but it's been a good learning experience. Every small project gives me more confidence to try tougher projects.

Last year I bought a short sale house that needed some work....some work turned into a complete gut. The house was renovated 3 years before by the previous owner. I have spent the last year fixing the problems he caused. The house was built in 1913 and everything original was okay, it was what thy did during the renovation that caused so many problems. There were structural problems from moving load bearing walls without properly picking up the loads, completely cutting through floor joists for plumbing vents, horrendous plumbing waste and supply lines, exterior walls without insulation, termite damage that was hidden. It's amazing what Sheetrock and a thick rug can hid. I've had to jack up portions of the house to replace sill plates, level joists, and to install new columns. In a portion of an addition had a dirt under it and animals had created nice little condominium under there, I poured a concrete slab to keep the rodents out.

So far I have replaced the roof (myself), new duct work (pd a contractor), all new DWV and copper supply lines (pd contractor and some myself under his supervision) electrical (pd a contractor and some myself under his supervision), structural work (myself).
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