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Hello from Tyroc - New member

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Hi I'm both a DIY'er and a manufacturer's rep for Tyroc. A new subflooring product that was designed as a flooring solution for wet basements and also can be used above ground for renovations and new builds. It is a great product and hopefully I can help others with their flooring questions as they may come up. You can install any type of finished floor over Tyroc - tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood (natural and engineered), VCT and linoleum. Tyroc is 100% green and environmentally sustainable made of recycled tires and plastic as a base and a MgO surface board and impervious to moisture and will not feed mold or mildew. And it is simple to install only requires a caulking gun, measuring tape and a circular saw - that's it. Hopefully I can be some help in addressing the members here of the many flooring issues faced by homeowners.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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