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Hi all. I am not a typical woman. I don't like cleaning, laundry and cooking. But I do enjoy gardening, making things, and doing DIY household projects. I have learned allot of what I know now from either reading books, or watching You-Tube. I recently tackled electric work. I used to say I would never go near it, but found that to be ridiculous. All you have to do is make sure the power is off to the area that your working with. I found this site by searching Google for a refresher on wiring switches. I wired a new side porch light fixture and for some reason the light fixture isn't going on. I checked to see if juice was flowing through the wire to the fixture, and it is, but the light isn't coming on. Don't know why, so I searched and found this forum.

In my list of accomplishments, these are some of the things I have tackled without anyone showing me how, other than reading and watching videos on the internet.
  1. Hooked up a new gas range.
  2. Cut out a sink from a new kitchen counter top and installed new cabinet and plumbing for the sink.
  3. Replaced a toilet and vanity
  4. Replaced a florescent basement light fixture.
  5. Installed carpeting and linoleum
  6. Changed a car tired and rotated tires using a jack.
  7. Changed car oil once. Easy to do, but too messy considering it only costs 20 bucks at a local jiffy lube.
  8. knitted sweaters and blankets
  9. Replaced a section of sheetrock under a window
  10. Stripped and refinished a crib, dresser and changing table for my grand daughter.
  11. Whelped 2 litters of puppies, including reviving one back to life.
  12. Administered injection shots for insulin for my husband after his liver transplant surgery.
  13. Worked for a vet and assisted in a surgery.
  14. Drilled holes in concrete slab to installed our greenhouse kit. Rion greenhouse. Put the thing together myself, with some help from husband.
  15. There are more, but that is to name a few.
I have a feeling that the light fixture that I am trying to install may be faulty. The only thing I question that seems odd to me is, when I turn the switch to the off position, I don't understand why the electric sensor is telling me that the black wire is hot to the fixture. When the switch is off, shouldn't the black wire going to the light fixture be cold?

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