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Hi, my name is Patrick and I live in Riverside California for the past 2 years.
Prior to this, I lived in Venice Beach for 20 years. I'm originally from overseas, but after all this years, I guess I'm more American than European now, I just love it here :)

I'm a designer, and I do work all day long sitting at a computer, so when I have time, I jump behind my workbench and restore, fix, or build something around the house. My dad teached and gave me the love of doing manual jobs. I would say I'm pretty handy around after spending every weekends, days off remodeling my Venice house.

Now as we are in our 50s, my wife and I were tired of the crazy LA paste, and we really wanted to changed our lifestyle. We moved to a rural part of Riverside, with an amazing view on the mountains and an incredible water drought garden (the previous owner did it)! No more traffic, crazies, just fresh air and enjoyment... and things to do around the house!

I thank you all for welcoming me in this forum.


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