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Just found this forum.

South Central Oregon. Clearing land and my wife and I will be building our real Log Home/farm starting in the spring. We will be doing this on our own. Well, sort of. We are members of a log home builders association that has a lot of help and this site will be as important in our journey.

I also have access to logs for lumber and have a bandsaw mill to make my lumber.

I spend quite a bit of time researching DIY projects. So this was going to be a match sooner or later.

I have quite a bit of perusing to do for a while before I jump in with both feet. I look forward to an education.

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Welcome Gimpy51, I love working with logs. I've done a couple of small homes with materials harvested on site and quite a few of what I'll call ,
'log art' projects, all in Oregon.

When you get things going start a thread in the " project showcase" forum on this site. That's a great place to share and document the progress of your project.
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