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Hi all,

By way of introduction, I am a home owner, considered by some to be somewhat handy, and always looking to find new ways to solve common problems that we have been living with for years.

For example, my first posting is on suggestions about how to hook up an electric dryer in a very tight area when the vent hole on the back of the dryer doesn't line up with the pipe going out the wall, especially when you want to use rigid aluminium ducting and avoid using hazardous flexible ducting. Seems like a common problem that should have been solved many years ago with standard heights for vent holes in walls and standards for dryer manufacturers so they line up! Naive... I know. But we do have standards for other things that can cause injury if not done right! :)

I'd also like to install a sink unit between my washer and dryer, but it's only 24", so won't take a usual sink cabinet. Some laundry units include a cabinet and a sink that overlaps the cabinet so you don't need a counter top on the unit, but just try to get that sort of sink for a cabinet you want to buy that matches the rest of the cupboards.

I'll put this into another topic since this is only for introductions. :)

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Welcome, hope we can help!

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