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Hello everyone - I am no stranger to a screw gun, drill, circular saw or a wrench. I retired in 2011 and love retirement. I've lived in my 1953 built home since 1986. A short list of some things I have done to my home:
Replaced all the doors and windows.
Remodeled the kitchen.
Remodeled the bathrooms.
Ripped all the interior walls facing the exterior of the house out, insulated the walls and re-drywalled them.
Insulated the atic crawl.
I reshingled the roof in 1987. I was 40 then and the roof now needs stripping and shingling and I am not going to do it myself this time around as I remember how much fun this wasn't. :no:
Built a 25' x 14' deck.
Built a 300' privacy fence around the back yard.
Replaced all the water lines in the house with copper.
Built a barn shed.
Dug, framed, and poured a 80' x 8' addition to my concrete driveway.
And there are many more things that were done with friends that I pretty much just handed the tools they needed to them. :whistling2:
I enjoy gardening, wine making, a little wood working, roasting my own coffee beans, and drinking good beer. I am really looking forward to seeing what like minded folks are chatting about here.

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Sounds as if t5here is no more work on that house for you, lol.
Welcome to the forums!

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