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Hello from Nashville, TN

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36 yo DIYer here fRom Nashville, TN. Dad worked in construction and my whole family is DIYers. Never paid attention growing up around them but caught the itch when I purchased my second home in 2013. It was a foreclosure and everyone including the wife told me HELL NO. moved my family including my two young daughters in it while I renovated room by room. Sold it 3 years later and the now ex wife was good with the purchase because she got PAID lol. Learned what I know from forums like this and anything else I could find. Proficient in electrical, plumbing, framing, furniture, outdoor jobs, pretty much anything with the exception of HVAC I’m comfortable with. However just found out my HVAC blower had a disconnected wire for the last year and now that’s fixed. So who knows I may be on the path to an HVAC expert. I’ve now lives in and flipped 2 homes since the original foreclosure. Now I’m in a 1922 farmhouse 30 minutes north of Nashville doing the same thing. This one has some fun stuff going on as well like an original almost 100 year old storm shelter I’m working on and a couple of water wells I’m working on digging up and renovating. The inside is pretty much done with the exception of a few things here and there. The storm shelter research is what brought me here. The thing has been full of 4’ water since I signed on the dotted line. Now I’ve got it all pumped out sealed it up with hydraulic cement and about 12 gallons of drylok lol. I’ve added solar panels and a custom solar control panel with led lighting, exhaust fan, intake fan, interior fan, 12v heater, red emergency lighting, red led pathway lighting, all the way down to a 5 gallon bucket with kitty litter😉. Solar energy is new to me so it’s been a blast. Would love to display some work on here but haven’t figured out how to share video or pics. Anyways I’ll see if this link to my YouTube video of my attic to bedroom transformation in this 1922 farmhouse will work. Nice to meet you all.
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