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Hello from Massachusetts

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Hello Everyone,

From having more time on my hands due to COVID-19. Finding myself doing a lot more work around my property than if I was going to work... Don't know if that is good or bad.

Had the opportunity to get feedback on my project, put my 2 cents in on others, solely because I have gone down that road already. Met people that have given me some insight you wouldn't think of on your own.

So, I just thought I'd say Hello.... For the people that are already putting up with me :vs_laugh: and hopefully the ones to follow.

Take Care
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Welcome to the forums. Being above ground and thriving these days is are doing good.

Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome to the forum. :smile:
Another welcome. Having a group like this is something we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. Most of the volunteers here had to learn the trades the hard way and now enjoy sharing, I know I do.

Hello and welcome to the community!
Glad to see you here!
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