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My name is Karen, and I am well experienced in both remodeling and chat rooms. :glasses: So, please, let's have none of that 'are you sure you can do this, little lady?' silliness.

The other rooms? Well, I have other interests .... and some site go stale after awhile.

When I come here, it will surely be because of my latest project: the complete, down-to-the-studs remodel / redesign of a 50's tract home.

The hardest part is knowing what I want .... followed by the challenges in making things happen. While I like to save money as mush as anyone ... I'd rather pay to have it 'done right,' than 'done over.'

One of my challenges has been ... well, folks in this rural area just haven't seen some of the things I found elsewhere ... it can be hard getting them to play along. As a result ... well, you know what they say about wanting something done right!

I've spent a career in construction, so I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want.

Horror stories? Well, I was amazed at the folks around here that seriously suggested that a blue tarp made a perfectly acceptable, permanent repair of a leaky roof. Please, spare me! :vs_no_no_no:

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Welcome to the forum Karen.While I like your intro it is contradictory and I'd like to here more.
You say you've spent your life in construction and then say you'd rather PAY more to have it done right than have it done over.That does not sound like DIY.
I'm being nitpicky but am curious .Could you give us /me a little more info on what you are planning on the place?

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Welcome: The folks here will offer advise on most everything related to building and construction of domiciles.

A blue tarp as a permanent roof, only in the Ozarks.

Anyway, ask and you shall get help on doing your project.


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Thank you all, for your warm welcomes!

To address the questions and comments:

1) The Ozarks are not that far from here :wink2:

2) A woman's got to know her limits! As noted in the profile, I do electric work. Some jobs ... well, no one can do everything, and sometimes a real contractor is called for.

3) Even when I do something, I take care to 'learn the rules' first. For example, when I added an access hatch through my floor, into the crawl space, I first learned about the minimum size, and how to alter the floor framing. I need to 'ask' before I can 'learn.' :smile:

4) An example of how I think: When I finally get central AC for this house, I want it anchored to a concrete slab, line sets run under the house, and a secure cage around the equipment. I don't want some petty crook coming by with a hacksaw and recycling the stuff one day!
Local HVAC "contractors" are not willing to run the lines under the house; they want to run up the side of the house and penetrate the attic. This looks bad, and is 'hacksaw friendly.' None of them seem to know anyone who does concrete, fencing, or metal fabrication.
I'm sorry, but in my own (earlier) contracting work, you bet I had relationships with the other trades.

5) My house, as bought, is about 1000 sq.ft. with an attached carport. Major damage was caused by improper attempts to close the carport and add on a laundry room. House is severely under-insulated. Bathroom was small, laundry / water heater was in the carport, and one bedroom was small. There was no direct access to the back yard.

It was also clear that there had been NO maintenance performed since the house was last sold (1992). At some time, there had been a fire in the attic.

The intended remodel will move the laundry inside, provide direct access to the rear, enlarge the bath, and streamline the kitchen. Walls will see considerable improvements in their insulation. Utilities will be upgraded and completely replaced.

I have certain preferences, things I encounter in my commercial work, that will be used in the house. Other things will be "beyond code minimum." I care not that inspections are pretty much not done around here - no hacks, please!

Project is expected to take a decade to complete.

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Welcome to the forum Karen. My specialty is energy efficiency related to heating and cooling. A gut rehab is a prime opportunity to do things that otherwise are not possible. Along with the insulation you mention you can do a great job at air sealing, both the house and any ducts.

We will wait for your questions.

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