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Hi, Its Prateek from India and I m here to learn and share from the community of DIY. My hobbies are Little bit of electronics and after that very versatile including carpentry to plumbing.I have designed and modified few sensor circuits
at very cost effective manner.I have designed DIY fountain for drawing room, mobile battery operated pir sensor and also have some knowledge of IP camera. I also design LED lights , automated fountain for lawns . light sensor and sound sensors, vibration sensor. I also converted wired beam sensor to wireless etc.
So looking forward to share some knowledge among the community.

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Welcome prateekgupta-

I loving going to India - Where are you from? Most of my friends there are in Tamil Nadu area, but have become accustomed to Ahmadabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. I had an good opportunity to move the the coastal area south of Chennai/Madras, but my wife did not want to even though she loves the spices used in cooking there.

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