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Just a handy-man contractor with a few rentals. Have a couple professional licenses but mainly hire (contract) myself out as a handyman.

Because I'm not an official contractor, got banned from and was directed here.

We'll see how it goes.

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Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,..... The only ability Necessary here is to be able to type,.....

The only Licence I've got is a Driver's licence,.....
But,.... I can fix 'bout anything that's broken, though my real forte' is makin' things that can work, Work Better,.....

I'm up here in Chaumont,Ny. but will be movin' to Maine very shortly,......

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NY does not license contractors except alarm people. A few of the larger cities in NY do, so I assume you are in one of them. I have a home west of Rochester. The City of Rochester licenses plumbers but no one else. In my town, no one is licensed. My other home in FL is where everyone is licensed and the licensing requirements are rather stringent. I might get a couple of FL licenses so my son鈥檚 company can do work in FL, because he only needs one licensed person and my education and experience is way past the requirements so it would be easy.

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Welcome CentralNY:

Old Thomas; My other home in FL is where everyone is licensed and the[COLOR=Red said:
licensing requirements are rather stringent.

I agree Old Thomas. I helped build a high school in Monroe Co. FL. in 2001-2002.( the Keys) The hoops I had to jump through were extremely time consuming. It didn't matter that my Tenn license was 3.5 million, and the bid was 1.8m. Reciprocation is a word Fl. didn't have in they're vocabulary. I still had to test, and spend about 12k in travel costs to license. Every Trade in FL is licensed, and if someone gets caught working without one, the fines are prohibitive. Don't know the procedure for going back work after being caught and fined. Might be banning as well. I do know Fl codes made a lot of builders retro-fit bracing after Andrew. Good thing when I move to Fl next fall I'll be retired. :biggrin2::biggrin2:
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