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Hello! First time homeowner very excited!!

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I'm Sera from New Jersey and I just bought my first home! I've always rented and am really excited to finally be able to design and modify my own space and really make it my own! There is tons to do... Mostly I think i'm going to repaint, get the floors done (hardwood almost throughout! It is a small ranch style that belonged to an elderly couple who relocated to a retirement facility. While it really is beautiful and shows a lot of promise it is somewhat neglected... peeling wallpaper with fruit patterns, floors are stained, faint musty smell.. shelving in the closets falling out and splintered, bits of the ceiling coming down in the kitchen! yuck). There are a number of repairs and I'm on a budget and really want to do a lot of it myself! I also want to re-tile the bathroom and maybe the kitchen floor, which is currently a really awful fake brick laminate. I have no idea what's going to happen when i rip that thing up!

anyway that's why i joined this forum. to read and learn and hopefully pose a friendly question occasionally! great find!


Sera S.
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Welcome Sera!
I just bought my first house (ranch style too!) a few months back and just joined this forum about a month ago. Seems like a great place with TONS of knowledge. I've barely asked any questions, just doing searches alone has answered tons of questions I've had. Good luck with the house and welcome!
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