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Hello everyone,
The name is Paulo and Live in Scotland.

Enjoy doing DIY for great despair of the missus :) all round style, can do Electricity, plumbing, joinery, flooring, decorating.
Just don't ask me for tiling because I'm really rubbish at it :biggrin2:

I will take my time doing stuff but eventually will finish it, at some point...

Projects in hand or to be started:
Decorating the house, halfway done..
Replacing some of the laminated flooring (original from when bought the house 10 years ago) with wooden engineered floor
new Japanese style garden on the front (still in planning stage)
Paving the rear garden (because I can't be bothered with lawn)
Repair the brick barbecue (too much heat cracked the mortar)
Repair the garage floor

And many more :thumbup1::thumbup1:
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