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I am new to the website. I recently remodeled my kitchen and am now in the middle of the first of three bathroom remodels. The demolition is done on bathroom #1; some preliminary wiring is finished; I have installed shut off valves on the bath/shower and lavatory copper supply pipes; I have carved out a hole for the medicine cabinet; and all the fixtures are bought and ready to install. I will use all the existing cast iron drains for the new fixtures to keep things simple. I will also reuse nearly all of the existing plaster walls. The house was built 50 years ago and they installed one-half inch of plaster over 3/8" sheet rock lathe. (This is a very quite house. The old adage they don't build them like they used to applies here.)

I am installing a drop-in tub in a three wall alcove. The tub has no lip so I am considering various options on how to install it so as not to have any water problems. I bought the tub before I understood the difference between an alcove model and a drop in. We wanted a deep soaking tub with a shower to replace the cast iron honker that was there. A swanstone three wall solid surface surround will go in above the bath/shower.

I bought a Kohler Leighton pedestal and a Leighton toilet. I will put an Oval Metro Nutone medicine cabinet above the sink.

All the fittings are polished nickel, mostly Kohler. (Did I mention my wife is a designer?)

I will likely do a tile install on the floor. I wanted to do cherry floors because I have 500 board feet of cherry in my garage, but wife thinks wood and bathrooms do not mix well. It is just as well because milling a wood floor would be a lot of work.

I will be making poplar white enameled frame and panel wainscoting for the lower portion of the walls. I already did this in my kitchen and it turned out pretty nice. (Woodworking is my hobby.)

The bath is 9' X 5'.

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