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Hello all...

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I'm living in a new house built by stoned monkeys. We're also on a remote island that boasts one trained contractor and a bunch of DIYers - none of whom think actually working more than 5 hours a day 2 days a week is acceptable.

Bottom line, if you want something done here, you do it yourself. Wish I'd found this forum months ago.

I have a few issues with a renovation...
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Lessons learned...

I've been on this island for almost two years now and I have learned a couple of things: Read all instructions. If the guy at the store sounds like he's talking out his a**, get a second opinion. Pressure tanks are called that for a reason. Hot water tanks are also under pressure. How To Serve Man is a cookbook. I am terrible at drywall.

I also learned that the table saw really a team sport. The guy next door took off a couple of fingers a few months ago and since then I only use mine if there's somebody else there... perhaps a little overcautious, but I like my fingers where they are. We don't have ambulances and when somebody leaves quickly EVERYBODY knows. Painful, permanently disfiguring AND embarrasing.

My husband gets mad because I don't wear work gloves, but other than that I'm pretty careful. I know my tools pretty well and I try not to venture out of my comfort zone. My project is almost done, I really just need help with some final touches... I'll be posting!
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