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Hello all...

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I'm living in a new house built by stoned monkeys. We're also on a remote island that boasts one trained contractor and a bunch of DIYers - none of whom think actually working more than 5 hours a day 2 days a week is acceptable.

Bottom line, if you want something done here, you do it yourself. Wish I'd found this forum months ago.

I have a few issues with a renovation...
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General advice about venturing into the dngrous. unknwn.

Many years ago (not that many, really!) I was part of a General Maintenance team in an HRF (health related facility) When we had to deal with a backed up, 4", Horizontal sewer line which ran above the main dining room on the First floor. In one of the weaker moments I thought of opening the "clean-out" plug to clear the line. Lucky for me I didn't follow through on my "brainstorm". Had I done that, the "disaster" that would have ensued (not life-threatening, really but extremely unpleasant) would be enough to write a few books. So, the lesson to be learned is, that sometimes, when we venture outside our field of expertise, dangerous things can happen!!!:laughing::yes:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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