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Hello all !

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Planning to finish our basement so our daughter can move back home. I've been watching Eddie Case videos but I am confident this forum will help fill gaps and keep me on the straight and narrow. We're in Colorado so I have to deal with the extra challenge of floating walls but I think I have a handle on those - fireblocking is my current focus.

Plans have not been submitted to the county but should be by end of next week.

Thanks for adding me,
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Welcome to the forums John.

Good luck with the the project and the upcoming move.

Beautiful area of the country there in Colorado. I definitely miss my time there.
Welcome---there is a long (old) thread on fire blocking a basement build out---try the search feature--Mike---
Welcome to the forums! KC did an excellent write-up on that;

Thanks all. I was reading the fireblock thread (still am) from before I registered here - lots of good information.

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