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Hi all,

I am probably like many of you in that I want to be able to do my own work. Not only is it cost effective, I really do want to learn how to do the work.

I was raised in a family where my parents were very hands off as far as house projects were concerned. They hired people to do everything - cut the lawn, put in a kitchen, build a detached garage, a deck, etc. Everything was done by professionals, and I learned next to nothing because I never got to work on anything.

Truthfully, I feel very limited by this experience growing up. I really wanted to become an auto mechanic and work at my Uncle's gas stations, but I was strictly forbidden from doing so. Instead I went to college and earned a degree in mathematics. After working in eCommerce as a developer, in reinsurance as a catastrophe modeler and actuary, and now in pharmaceutical as a clinical programmer, it's safe to say I'm very far away from being closer to my dream of being able to work with my hands to produce tangible results.

Now that I own my own home and have millions of projects to do, I feel I no longer can be held back from doing some meaningful work. I really hope that my contributions and knowledge gained here can be a positive experience in overcoming a lifetime of missed opportunities and dreams lost.

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