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Heil Furnace will not start up after cycle

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I am new to the forum but I have been trying to troubleshoot my furnace for a while now. Last year I had to replace the exhaust blower I think it is called because the motor burned up and I had no heat since it couldnt pull the fumes out. Now sometimes (although becoming alot more frequent) I have to go to the furnace and turn a (light) switch that is going to the furnace off and back on and it will start right up. I have replaced that switch and still has the same problem. any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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Check ps switch or the tube to the switch for obstructions.. Must be trying to start and doesn't then locking out. That is why you have to reset by killing power

May also try cleaning flame sensor rod
Most furnace have a diognostic light on the curcuit board in the blower compartment. If the door has a peep hole next time it fails count the flashes of light. It can give a direction to start looking in.
Heils suck that way. No light.
this may sound dumb but what is the ps switch and tube? and generally where may it be? thanks
I checked every single tube coming off the pressure switch and exhaust fan that I saw. I was able to blow through the tubes fine. is there something I need to do to check/clean the switch itself?
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