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I am the Momma of the house. While Dad is at work, I am the house manager, and stay at home mom to two. I end up making a lot of decisions on repairs because I am at home to call, and do the phone work, estimates, and appointments.
Our heat just went out, yep during this artic blast. Luckily, we have a gas fireplace to manage. We have been depending on electric central air and heat. Now I am trying to get all the best information I need to replace our unit. From my research I am understanding that installation is the key as much as price, quality and of course, service after the install.
I have 5 estimates, some are so low, that I know that there is already a red flag that the person is not capable of such a job.
So I will continue to research, some are pushing Goodman while another is pushing Carrier. I will have to replace the duct work, that is from one HVAC person who really sold me on air quality which has not been great from our old system. I think I have narrowed my decision to two contractors now but still have unanswered questions. Electric, hybrid system, or Gas. I live in the TVA area so electricity is the less expensive route, but I have been advised on all three, any suggestions or advice?

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Check the TVA for rebates.

Hybird may be your best option. Since electric aux can be expensive.
post your electric and gas rate. All taxes and delivery charges included.

One of us can give you a operating cost comparison then.

Does TVA give a discount for all electric heat.
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