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heating problem in rental

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Hi all. I appreciate any help.

I am renting a small house that had a new gas furnace put in about 3 years ago. There are air ducts in the ceiling and registers in the wall about 6 inches from the floor.
I noticed that at the same time that heat drops out of the air ducts from the ceiling, cold air is blowing out of the registers. It never heats up and blows cold the entire time.
There is central air connected to the system but the air is off and heat is on.

The furnace is in the garage and we have storage in there but we don't believe there is anything too close to it to impede anything from working correctly. All the ducting goes thru the attic but again, there is no problem with the heat coming out of the ceiling so don't think insulation is the problem.

My landlady is wonderful and said I can call someone but if it is something easy that can be fixed by us, I would rather save her the money.
Someone suggested covering the registers.

Thank you for any suggestions you can give.
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The ducts near the floor are the return ducts. As the heated air comes out at the top it needs a way to get back to the furnace. Are you sure the air is coming out of the lower vents and it not just a daft going into the vents?
As Joed indicated the lower ducts should be return ducts. Place a piece of paper in front next time it is on and see if it sucks the paper in or blows it away.
well, as much as I believed it was blowing the cold air out, when the paper was placed on, it sucked it on. It is still cold air but if that is the way it should be then I will accept it
Thank you so much for that suggestion... and thank you both for your time :thumbsup:
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