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I searched the site a bit and couldn't quite find the answer to my questions, so here goes:

I am located in the upper Midwest and am currently finishing off my basement, and soon will need to figure out how to best heat it. My home is only 2.5 years old, so existing furnace should be able to keep up with the newly finished space (not concerned about A/C in the summer...basement will stay cool enough and will pretty much close all of the vents off in the summer).

My question is: can I tap into existing ducts that come off the trunk? I do understand that this wil rob some heat from other levels of the house, but how much? Would I get enough heat downstairs by doing so with proper cold air returns? I have about 750 sq ft that will be finished (Bedroom, bathroom and family room) - rest of house is about 2400 sq ft and thus far have had no issues with too much or too little heat anywhere except for a couple of rooms on the main level, which have had too much heat). We'll also have a high output/high efficiency gas fireplace in the basement family room (can add a blower to it as well).

Thanks in advance...and if I need to provide any additional info, let me know. :thumbsup:

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Generally better off running a separate supply trunk for the basement.

You can tap off the existing supply trunk. What will happen, is the rooms that don't over hat now, will get cooler.

Install a return that removes as much air as your suppling to the basement.
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