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Heater/AC delayed start

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So for the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that heater/AC are not starting right away. That is, before when setting the thermostat I would hear a click the moment it was set above (for heating) or below (for AC) the room temperature. The AC started immediately and the heater within a minute or two.

Now, I move the thermostat temperature and I hear nothing. If I leave it be, the heater or AC will eventually turn on after 5-10 minutes.

Some background: I cleaned the filters (electronic) about two months ago. Also, about a year ago I noticed that the AC/Heater were short cycling. I went into the attic and noticed that one of the ducts had come loose. I fixed it and the short cycling issue was gone.

I have a digital thermostat (whose brand escapes me) with a number of controls (including a timer, day/week scheduling). Not sure how long the timer has been in place as it came with the house.

Anyway, before I go back into the attic, I am wondering whether folks have any ideas here. Could the thermostat have some kind of setting that I accidentally set for a delayed start? Could it be wiring? A duct?

What do you guys (and gals) think?
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Many digitals have a five minute delay. So that if it ran within fives minutes of you setting it higher or lower, it won't start the heat right away again. Turn the system switch to heat or cool. Wait five minutes. Turn it either up to call for heat, or down to call for cooling. Should start right away.

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Well, I did finally figured out the issue with the thermostat. And at the risk of putting myself on the wall of shame, I will let others know the solution (in case it might help you).

As it turns out, the thermostat needed new batteries. Who knew =P.

Anyway, thanks for the assistance.
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