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heated floor and self leveling cement

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Hey all...I am currently turning an old bedroom into a bathroom in my 120 year old farm house. The just put down a heated floor system and then covered in self-leveling cement. The issue I am having is in one particular area, the cement did not stick to the subfloor, which meant that it lifted and subsquently cracked as soon as weight was applied. This cracking goes just until the last run of the heating, the last length of heating wire is exposed. Do I need to purchase more self-leveling cement or should I just use extra thin-set and be super careful with the trowel? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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I wouldn't try SLC for a small area like that. It really doesn't work well unless you are pouring a good sized area all at once. Have you removed the loose area? The patch will only be as solid as what's under it.
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