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I'm wondering if someone with HVAC experience can help me decide which type of registers to use for my house. This is for heat only, no AC. The supplies are all located on the ceiling by outside walls near the windows or doors and the returns are on the ceiling near inside walls.

Can someone explain to me the pros/cons for using the different types of registers (ie. stamped, adj. bar-type, fixed curved blade, adj. curved blade)? From what I've learned from HVAC guys, I want to "wash" the external walls with the heat supply. The registers are all located about 12" or so from the walls. The bar-type ones are about double the cost of stamped but the curved blades are around 4-5 times as much.

People have told me that curved blade is better for AC but probably not necessary for heat only because my registers are already next to the outside walls and don't need to direct the air along the ceiling. Any thoughts on this? Is there any reason I would need to change the direction of airflow with the adjustable types as opposed to going with a fixed stamped version?
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