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Hello all. I have a question. I just had a Johnson Controls (Coleman) outdoor heat pump unit installed. It works OK on air conditioning but when in the heat pump mode the outside unit kicks off about a minute and the blower continues to run of course blowing room temperature air. The installer has been back out several times now. He pumped all of the coolant out of it and recharged it and did a pressure test and everything looked OK. Later that night it cooled off and the heat pump kicked on and a minute later the outside unit kicked off. The installer came back and thought maybe the high pressure switch might be bad. But it wasn't tripped. After conferring with a company representative they decided it was the TXV valve. They ordered it and he installed it Friday. Saturday night it cooled off and the heat pump kicked on and yep in about a minute the outside unit kicked off. He has already done a air flow test but he's coming back this evening to do another and he want to get all the info documented and he's going to talk to the company rep again. I'm getting pretty tired of this any ideas on what could cause this?
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