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Header span question

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I am having a contractor pour a patio on the rear of my 2-story home, that goes from the rear foundation of my home out 12' , and spans the entire back of the home - 39'6". After the concrete cures, I will build a free-standing cover (I have brick veneer) that is supported by 6X6X8 PT posts on the distant corners. I would like to have only two posts equidistant from each other and the end posts (on both long-sides of the patio - one 8' high, the other 10')). That configuration would create three spans a little over 13' each. I am putting up 2X8 roof rafters (16" O.C.) to go the 12+' distance. Would a double-header 2X10 do the job at both ends of the rafters? I live in the Dallas area, so there is no snow load to consider. I have been looking for a table that takes into consideration doubling up the headers, but I have been unsuccessful. I can go to a 2X12 if necessary, but I want to do it right. I will try to upload a drawing to better illustrate my plan...

I realize my drawing indicates 5 posts across the "front" off the patio, but the same spans cause a post to do right down the middle of an existing window. I'd rather do the front (shorter) header arrangement like the rear and use only 4 posts.


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What are your AHJs load requirements: o? snow load, 10? dead load, 0? live load, 180? deflection.

Your going to need additional members to prevent racking, resist lateral loads.

Who is putting in the footings for the posts? Have they been properly sized?
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