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HD & Lowes pavers vs others

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I just went to a mason yard to check out some pavers, of course they have a much larger selection of pavers compared to home depot and lowes but why not pick the ones at home depot or lowes? for a diyer and the price is right at the home center, why not? if its a fade issue, then how much can it really fade? you get a brown color paver and if it fades it will fade to light brown? What im basically asking is whats the pros and cons with picking home depot or lowes over some paver mason yard?
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I went to a mason yard & bought there - they were trying to clear out some room
The price was comparable to Lowes/HD
BUT - the pavers were MUCH thicker then the standard pavers at HD
Two other Mason/soil/rock yard close to me were 2x the price of what I bought for the same pavers

The thinner ones (I think) are fine for most patios
I have a walkway that leads out back that I drive across in my truck to dump wood or for other reasons
I bought thicker pavers (5x5) at HD for this walkway, they no longer carry them
The thinner pavers are not meant for vehicular traffic

I know someone who bought the pavers at Lowes (brown - mixed sizes) & was very happy
She was not happy that hubby neglected to put in proper drainage last year
So this year with all therain they had a big puddle of sorts
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