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Hello Everyone,

I have a stamped concrete patio that was sealed about 4 years ago using an acrylic based sealer. Yesterday I was going to reseal it and was told that I had to strip the old sealer off and was sold a gallon of Nock-Off to do the job. I applied the product as directed, let it sit for about 6 hours, scrubbed, pressure washed, and washed again with soap and hot water. I was left with white all over my patio. I then purchased a gallon of Sherwin Williams SmartStrip and let it sit and repeated the process. Things improved, but my concrete still seams slightly hazy and there is some white in the cracks still.

The haze does not look like efflorescence but I'm not an expert. Can I seal over a little bit and will it disappear or am I asking for trouble? Is there another cleaning product I should use? What sealer should I use in the future? I was originally sold Concrete Coatings SuperSeal 2000 and I'm not impressed.

I attached pictures of what is left after the last cleaning


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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